Trendspotting, PR 2.0 with Rebecca Cronje

In recent years, the well-established practice of PR has performed a few major somersaults, so much so that some may not even recognise its modern self. Yet despite all its fancy footwork and digital diction, PR is, fundamentally at least, the same as it has always been: It develops and spreads a message to a set of key influencers on behalf of a client. What has changed however is the road travelled to get there.
Rebecca Cronje, Atmosphere Communication’s Head of Strategy shared key trends and experiences from a recent visit to three UK PR agencies and what it could spell for the local industry at PR-Net. Themes include the changing agency model, traditional’s role in a digital world, the increasing need for strategy, research, creativity and evaluation and the buzzword du jour, integration. If you’d like a copy of Rebecca Cronje’s PR Trends presentation emailed to you, please email me.

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