Month: March 2013

Being fat is a self-inflicted handicap.

Being fat is a self-inflicted handicap. But, unlike other handicaps which I imagine occur mostly suddenly, those of us who were or are fat know that the weight piles on gradually and we manage to lie to ourselves about our condition for so long that, 

Know what your next steps towards health will be

Knowing myself, as I do, I’ve accepted that I will always have some anxiety or another. At the moment I’m anxious about having sufficient money and the time to do all the things I believe I must do. I’m also anxious about food options when 

Trendspotting, PR 2.0 with Rebecca Cronje

In recent years, the well-established practice of PR has performed a few major somersaults, so much so that some may not even recognise its modern self. Yet despite all its fancy footwork and digital diction, PR is, fundamentally at least, the same as it has 

Next challenge – Kayaking in Madagascar

Had fate not intervened, one year ago today I would have had bariatric, weight-loss surgery making a tiny pouch of my stomach and re-routing my intestine. I want to honour myself for having made the transition from being morbidly obese to reaching a healthy weight 

The power of self belief

I made a small video of myself after climbing to the top of the Kogelberg for the first time. Tonight I will climb to the top of Lion’s Head for the first time. 

Being A South African Male

Being SAM, a website decided to South African men so that we can live longer, healthier, more fulfilled lives did a great interview with me. You can read it by following this link. See