Month: February 2013

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A Troll in Silk is a Troll No Less

  To paraphrase Rodriguez, the man of the moment, A Troll in Silk is a Troll No less and if you are committed to reaching or maintaining a healthy weight, it is essential you know this. Sometimes trolls also wear pretty dresses and warm smiles 

SleekGeek did a wonderful profile on my journey.

SleekGeek did a wonderful profile on my journey.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Know Yourself. When I was an active Freemason, one of the central tenets was to Know Yourself and now that I’m on this healthy-living journey, this advice seems more relevant than ever. I’m a worrier – always have been and probably always will be, but 

Great healthy dining experiences at pulp kitchen & deli and Treat

When you ask nicely, I find people overwhelmingly obliging.  Take pulp kitchen & deli at Willowbridge Mall, for example. I was so impressed with the chicken salad (R49), a good-sized portion of peppery rocket, creamy, perfectly ripe avocado, shaved carrot ribbons, feta and seeds along 

What I’m getting now is worth so much more to me than what I’ve given up.

Although on separate sides of the pond, my brother Steven and I both excelled at physical endurances today. He completed the Watford Half-Marathon in 1 hour and 58 minutes while I cycled 34km today to The Palmiet River and back to Pringle Bay. Previously cycling