Month: January 2013

Who says life should be easy? It is called Hard Work for a reason.

Obesity is being blamed, according to a report out of Davos, for 2.8 million deaths a year.  The report is from Sapa-AFP and published online by Times Live  It claims that 1.4 billion of us are overweight and that it is likely to increase 

Tempting, but No.

Having hard and fast rules about what I will and won’t eat and drink helps me maintain my healthy weight. While my behaviour has changed dramatically, my desires haven’t. I notice, especially when eating with other people who are having desserts when I am not, 

Acquiring a taste for food that is good for me is as easy as developing a taste for food that isn’t. It is my choice.

No one likes the taste of pickled herring or whisky the first time as they are known to be acquired tastes. In thinking about how it has been possible that I am able to enjoy foods now that I didn’t before, I find that the 

Every moment is a new start but New Year’s Day’s is the most laden with weighty expectation.

Every moment is a new beginning but New Year’s Day’s new beginning feels even more laden with expectation than any other new start. While I’ve managed to maintain my weight at around 85kg while being on holiday but I notice that, based on how my