Month: January 2014

I’ll get more sponsored stuff if you buy it. Thanks.

I’ve used Sh’Zen products for years. It started with my sister Naomi Gelb who has represented Sh’Zen since Moses needed hand cream after 40 days and nights in the desert –  a very long time ago. At the time I was spending fortunes on Dermalogica 

Zebula Golf Lodge in Bela Bela, just two-hours from Jozie.

This piece was first published on Think about Zebula Golf and Safari Lodge as a Club Med experience and you couldn’t be happier. For golfers there’s the Peter Matkovich course designed to USGA-specifications. Dale Hayes and Steve Dunn were among the initial developers so 

I can get it for you wholesale!

Anything for a discount, right? Right. Why pay full price when you can pay half the price? Suddenly spending R999 on another pair of waterproof Columbia hiking boots doesn’t seem like a stretch. Even less so when it comes with a different lacing technique (think