Month: May 2014

Free Type2 info session in Bellville

Approximately three-and-a-half million South Africans suffer from diabetes. The majority of people in South Africa have Type 2 diabetes with many cases being undiagnosed because there are very few symptoms initially. An unhealthy lifestyle such as poor food choices and obesity contributes to the cause 

Eating #LCHF while travelling The Garden Route.

We’ve just returned from 10-days away. My biggest anxiety when I travel is that I won’t be able to keep my weight stable and that it will be difficult for me to make good food choices. I’m very pleased to report that I remain at 

Happy and anxious to see Banting #LCHF menus more and more

Here’s hoping that easy access to delicious #LCHF restaurant menus increasingly on offer doesn’t lead to me gaining weight. Even after shedding my heft and maintaining for over a year, I still fear regaining the weight. Is eating #LCHF items at restaurants the slippery slope