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Join me in my kitchen

Join me in my kitchen

Welcome to Pringle Bay and our light-filled home. In December Brian’s Kitchen Pop-Ups will be long, lavish lunches but later, dinners and afternoon teas will be added if there is demand. Menu will be Banting/LCHF friendly but also with loads for lovers of sugars and […]

Use the right knife for the job

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was to use the right knife for the job. I suppose it is obvious to use the tool designed for its purpose – it is pretty impossible to fillet a fish with a carving knife, […]

Make your own mayo to control what goes into it – much tastier and cheaper too.

  Making your own mayonnaise is much easier than you imagine and it allows you to control exactly what goes into it. Use four egg yolks for a super-stable emulsion and dribble in 250ml canola oil at room temperature. All the ingredients must be at […]