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How I lost 70kg: My weight-loss journey from Day 1 (July 2011)

I began blogging about my weight-loss journey on another platform which I am no longer using. I’ve cut and paste the posts from over a period of about two years into one combined post below for those who are interested in how and where […]

Listen to how I lost over 70kg on Radio Good Hope FM

The fabulous Ayanda Tini interviewed me about how I changed my lifestyle and my life. The interview is about 15 minutes.

Discovering your power to go it alone

The newly formatted Discovery Magazine is out now. The Winter/Spring issue is a smaller format than before but it remains a good read. There’s a piece on the Power of Reinvention and they have included my story as an example of how you can change […]

When the wheels came off

The wheels came off on the last leg of my trip. I don’t, as you might imagine, mean that I went into a carb-crazed face-feast or behaved in a way injures to my health (JP might argue this point about my shopping) but what I […]

My day on The Expresso Show

Although I was very nervous about my interview on The Expresso Show this morning, I think it went really well. I’ve certainly received a lot of warm feedback about it which I appreciate. I didn’t get to make one point that I really wanted to: […]

Eating local in Prince Albert.

We spent the weekend at Bid Huisie in Prince Albert. It is one of the most charming towns I have visited.  I try to be a locavore whenever possible and buy things to cook that are made or grown within the area that I’m eating them. […]