Decide to be happy

Decide to be happy.

I’ve decided to remind myself how lucky, blessed, whatever you call it I am to have this life and live this life where I do. Deciding to be happy doesn’t make our President a man of integrity, it doesn’t change our shrinking economy, it doesn’t keep the lights on nor does it impact the poverty around me. What it does do, for me anyway, is not weigh me down with the heaviness of it all. When I decide to be happy I celebrate all I have. I celebrate the beauty around me. I celebrate the many opportunities I have to be amongst nature without paying a hefty price for it. I celebrate the mountain. The sea. Life.


2 thoughts on “Decide to be happy”

  • Hi Brian,
    I feel the same way about being happy. One cannot waste time dwelling on the negative. Life is too short and should be enjoyed to the fullest.

    Looking forward to meeting you at the summit soon.


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