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How I lost 70kg: My weight-loss journey from Day 1 (July 2011)

I began blogging about my weight-loss journey on another platform which I am no longer using. I’ve cut and paste the posts from over a period of about two years into one combined post below for those who are interested in how and where […]

Quality ingredients and eateries that cater to fussy tastes impress over “smart” spots

With money ever tighter there have to be compelling reasons to invest in dining out. When I wrote reviews about dining out I’d often suggest saving three or four ordinary meals to enjoy an extra-ordinary food experience believing instead that more value was delivered at […]

Baking without grain flour or sugar.

I love baking. Increasingly I’m finding it difficult to bake sugar and grain-rich items while I encourage people to follow a low sugar and low grain diet. Here then is my beta version of carrot cake without grain flour and sugar. I used pureed banana […]

An open letter to the medical profession

It saddens but doesn’t surprise me that there is such a vitriolic response to Prof Tim Noakes’ recommendation of a low carbohydrate, high fat diet to achieve sustainable weight loss. It saddens me because I, and so many of us, have elevated the medical profession […]

My connections to royalty run fairly deep.

We once slept in the same bed as The King of Sweden. Not, admittedly, at the same time, but immediately after, at Lion Sands Ivory Lodge in Sabi Sands reserve. Although not royalty by the blue-blood variety, we also spent the night in the same […]

Steak and tomato cocktail match bloodlust and high-protein dining out

Many people are interested in what eat now that I’ve reached my goal weight and ask if I will ever go back to eating starch, sugar or drink alcohol. I won’t – I’m just too frightened of undoing the good work and, what’s more, I […]