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How I lost 70kg: My weight-loss journey from Day 1 (July 2011)

I began blogging about my weight-loss journey on another platform which I am no longer using. I’ve cut and paste the posts from over a period of about two years into one combined post below for those who are interested in how and where […]

Know what your next steps towards health will be

Knowing myself, as I do, I’ve accepted that I will always have some anxiety or another. At the moment I’m anxious about having sufficient money and the time to do all the things I believe I must do. I’m also anxious about food options when […]

153kg July 2011

My journey began with the fear that my diabetes and high-blood pressure would kill me. I weighed more than ever before and was in almost constant pain from a tight lower back that would hurt so much when I tried to turn around in bed […]