#LCHF PR-Net Trade event and #Banting while out

The conversation around Prof Tim Noakes’ 25g or less of carbohydrate a day with quality fat from olive oil, fish and meat in every meal and the hash tags  #LCHF and #Banting seems to be as angry as our world at war. Rather than refute 

Test the Reasons You Think you will Fail and Plan to Succeed

In the 12 Steps How to Stick to a Healthy Eating plan I talk about testing the reasons you think you might fail and planning ahead to succeed. I thought about these while climbing the Kogelberg this morning. It was a beautifully clear day but 

How I lost 70kg: My weight-loss journey from Day 1 (July 2011)

I began blogging about my weight-loss journey on another platform which I am no longer using. I’ve cut and paste the posts from HowNotHavingWeightLossSurgerySavedMyLife.com over a period of about two years into one combined post below for those who are interested in how and where 

Eating #LCHF while travelling The Garden Route.

We’ve just returned from 10-days away. My biggest anxiety when I travel is that I won’t be able to keep my weight stable and that it will be difficult for me to make good food choices. I’m very pleased to report that I remain at 

Happy and anxious to see Banting #LCHF menus more and more

Here’s hoping that easy access to delicious #LCHF restaurant menus increasingly on offer doesn’t lead to me gaining weight. Even after shedding my heft and maintaining for over a year, I still fear regaining the weight. Is eating #LCHF items at restaurants the slippery slope 

Lose It! I did.

The first issue of Lose It! Magazine is now available to purchase from Exclusives and Woolies and it is absolutely worth the R50 cover price as it gives you all you need to know to get Banting or, more famously, follow the Prof Tim Noakes