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#LCHF PR-Net Trade event and #Banting while out

The conversation around Prof Tim Noakes’ 25g or less of carbohydrate a day with quality fat from olive oil, fish and meat in every meal and the hash tags  #LCHF and #Banting seems to be as angry as our world at war. Rather than refute […]

Lose It! I did.

The first issue of Lose It! Magazine is now available to purchase from Exclusives and Woolies and it is absolutely worth the R50 cover price as it gives you all you need to know to get Banting or, more famously, follow the Prof Tim Noakes […]

Shed fears and phobias as you shed weight

I’ve started a support group for people with Type 2 Diabetes who want to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. We’ve had just two meetings but already I notice how similar the experiences of others in the group have been to mine. Even though I’ve […]

No amount of sugar makes the bitter pill of our addiction to it easier to swallow.

This piece was first published in The Cape Times (August 30, 2013). No amount of sugar coating can make the results of the SA National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, recently released by the Human Sciences and Medical Research Councils, easy to swallow. From my […]