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Listen to how I lost over 70kg on Radio Good Hope FM

The fabulous Ayanda Tini interviewed me about how I changed my lifestyle and my life. The interview is about 15 minutes.

Discovering your power to go it alone

The newly formatted Discovery Magazine is out now. The Winter/Spring issue is a smaller format than before but it remains a good read. There’s a piece on the Power of Reinvention and they have included my story as an example of how you can change […]

When the wheels came off

The wheels came off on the last leg of my trip. I don’t, as you might imagine, mean that I went into a carb-crazed face-feast or behaved in a way injures to my health (JP might argue this point about my shopping) but what I […]

My day on The Expresso Show

Although I was very nervous about my interview on The Expresso Show this morning, I think it went really well. I’ve certainly received a lot of warm feedback about it which I appreciate. I didn’t get to make one point that I really wanted to: […]

To the top of Lion’s Head – a journey of firsts.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but I am proof that you can. I have set myself the challenge of doing as many things as I possibly can for the first time. The reward is great but the effort to achieve […]

Make your own mayo to control what goes into it – much tastier and cheaper too.

  Making your own mayonnaise is much easier than you imagine and it allows you to control exactly what goes into it. Use four egg yolks for a super-stable emulsion and dribble in 250ml canola oil at room temperature. All the ingredients must be at […]