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When the wheels came off

The wheels came off on the last leg of my trip. I don’t, as you might imagine, mean that I went into a carb-crazed face-feast or behaved in a way injures to my health (JP might argue this point about my shopping) but what I […]

To the high seas

It was a year ago that my mother died. I was in the middle of my weight-loss phase and one of the last things my mom said to me, in a rare moment of lucidity in her last days, was how good I looked. When […]

Perfect food – fuel and delicious

JP cooks salmon and broccoli better than most restaurants. He sears it both sides in a very hot pan with a bit of butter and olive oil and then cooks it skin-side down for four minutes with a lid on, seasoned with lashings of Ina […]

Being fat is a self-inflicted handicap.

Being fat is a self-inflicted handicap. But, unlike other handicaps which I imagine occur mostly suddenly, those of us who were or are fat know that the weight piles on gradually and we manage to lie to ourselves about our condition for so long that, […]

Making the change towards a healthier me

One of the most useful things Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Bradley Drake said to me was to think about meal times differently. I now recognise that much of the time that I was eating I was distracted – by watching something on TV, sitting at my desk working, busy […]

What I eat.

For the first few months I kept to a tight formula. One cup of cooked oats porridge made with fat-free milk, a tablespoon of dried cranberries and half a sliced banana for breakfast. One smoked chicken breast (about 125g) with steamed broccoli (lots of it) […]