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Cape Town-based Public Relations Consultant Brian Berkman has been in the communications industry and media for well over 20 years. He started his career writing about night clubs, then about dining out and now he writes about travel. He has also written about the PR industry. A past chair of PRIAC, the industry advisory council for the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, he is the founder of PR-Net, the peer network for the communications industry.

Speak to Brian about PR campaigns, media liaison and publicity for your brand. Reach Brian at +27 (0)83-441-8765 or email Brian@BrianBerkman.com. Brian is a catalyst for positive change.

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26 thoughts on “About Public Relations Consultant Brian Berkman”

  • I read your story in the You mag and well done on losing all that weight and you are an inspiration to many people who are trying to lose those extra kg.

      • Hi Brian,
        Both my hubby and I are trying to follow the Tim Noakes way of life. Do you have any real tips for us. To date I have lost 7kg but my hubby has a lot to lose and is really battling

        • Hi Joy, great to hear that you are also on the #lchf way of eating. The biggest tip I can give you is to take the pain now and go off all sugars and rid your system of it. Even having a little added sugar will keep you on the brink of addiction if you are, like I was, slave to it.
          Good luck and please let me know how you are doing.

  • Brian I found the article in huisgenoot very interesting.does it mean granny smith has no sugar and the eggs daily not bad for cholestrol.
    I am struggling with candida and your diet look like it will help me to overcome it.

    • Thanks very much. I’m not qualified to give you the kind of input that a dietitian can but I don’t count the sugar in Granny Smith apples but also limit them to two or three a day. I’m also happy eating eggs every day.

  • hi there
    I found your article very interesting , I have tried numerous stuff and cant seem to shed the fat , I am overweight and been for a few years however my weight stays stable , I don’t pick up but don’t loose either… have you been on the same diet the whole time ? would like some advice if you don’t mind

  • Brian, You look fantastic! Vince share your latest blog with me and while I thoroughly enjoyed reading it (some parts really hit home with me re fears and overcoming them, you are truly an inspiring person. Hoping to see you and JP again soon. Until then, keep up the good work.

  • Hi Brian, I read your article in the You about two weeks ago and have to congratulate you on your achievement of wonderful weight loss and improved health. I have battled with overweight for many years and was ready to embark on a different lifestyle when I read your story. You have inspired me to go the same route, sounds healthy to me. In less than two weeks I have lost 5kg and am loving the change of diet, lots of fresh veges, small amount of protein & practically no carbs. The only carb I have consumed is steamed sweet potato every 4 or so days. Thanks for the inspiration, I really needed it & will continue to read your interesting blogs. How can I get access to your older blogs, especially the one where you have details of your eating plan which you stuck to for a year? Regards.

  • Hi Brian i have heard about you the proffessor spoke about you over the radio will you be so kind to share some recipes and tips plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Hi Brian,

    You truly are an inspiration.
    Keep up the wonderful work you are doing!
    I’m looking forward to your upcoming event taking place on the 10/10/2013.
    I hope to absorb as much as possible from your experiences and advice in the industry.
    Continue to change lives…You doing a great job!

    Kind regards,
    Tarryn Kay Trussell
    Cambridge Weight PlanSA
    Public Relations Officer

  • I have just seen your story in the first issue of Lose it! I have only just started with my LCHF lifestyle and already feel much better. Started at 148kg and now down to 141kg. You are an inspiration. Any advice for me? I cannot jog or jump (knees and bladder) lol. I have started a 30min walk a day which has me sweating but feeling great. Which exercises did you embark on, also, no gym. Budget wise I have to think of a household of 8ppl, so I eat small portions with no hunger pangs. Thank you

    • Hi Leanne, thanks for commenting on my blog. I am a member of the Virgin Active gym and had the benefit of the biokineticist there who trained me in the pool so I wouldn’t hurt myself. I do also find I can keep fit around the house by moving more quickly from one room to the other and if I need to vacuum the floor to clean house I carry the vacuum rather than drag it. Bottles filled with water make good weights if you want to do bicep curls and other arm exercises. Good luck with your journey.

  • Hi Brian,

    I am where U were. Just read your amazing story in the Lose it book. I am going to go where U are now. I know I can do it. Thanks for being an inspiration and thanks for sharing your story. Can’t wait to start, have lost 12 kg already but I want to go the Tim Noakes way.

  • Hi Brian

    I remember when you wrote about food and I thought “How lucky!” I also saw your comments about feeling like a glutton and that really hit home for me. I’ve been fooling myself for years! I’ve started the LCHF way and am amazed at the lack of actual hunger. Still the cravings, but never really hungry! Thanks for the inspiration. I will let you know when I reach my 70kg!

    • Thanks for making contact Natalie. Best of luck on your LCHF journey and yes, please, do stay in touch and let me know how you are doing.

  • Hi Brian, this was an interesting read.
    I would like to get in touch with you, but finding your contact details, or a contact section on this site and on LinkedIn is proving to be difficult.

    If you could shoot me an email @ kevin.matutu@gmail.com, so that we can start the conversation – that would be greatly appreciated.

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