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153kg July 2011

My journey began with the fear that my diabetes and high-blood pressure would kill me. I weighed more than ever before and was in almost constant pain from a tight lower back that would hurt so much when I tried to turn around in bed while sleeping that it would wake me.

Sitting opposite my physician Dr Malcolm Sandler I asked him if there was anything that could be done to assist me. He suggested I investigate bariatric or weight-loss surgery and referred me to discuss my options with surgeon, Dr Etienne Swanepoel.


8 thoughts on “153kg July 2011”

  • Hi Brian, My name is Keith Bingle and I just read your article in the You Magazine. I feel motivated by your achievements. I am following the Atkins Eating plan and also bought a bicycle but am scared to cycle in the street. Please if you dont mind what was your diet like as I get so many positive responses but also many negative responses about this eating plan. I am staying in KLimberley and trying to get a dietician who will support me.

    • Hi Keith,
      Thanks very much for your positive response to my story. I think it is important to get input from a dietitian and if you can’t find one in Kimberley in the phone book you could ask your Doctor or phone the local hospital who would be able to help you. You will find information about my diet in other posts on my blog but if you find that the diet you are on is working for you, I wouldn’t consider changing it. I think we don’t give our efforts enough time to produce results before we feel we must change them. I understand your fear about riding your bike in the road but if you can’t get around this, I suggest you find another way to stay active – join the gym, walk to work, climb the stairs – you know what you need to do.

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