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Baking without grain flour or sugar.

I love baking.

Increasingly I’m finding it difficult to bake sugar and grain-rich items while I encourage people to follow a low sugar and low grain diet. Here then is my beta version of carrot cake without grain flour and sugar. I used pureed banana in place of the sugar to add sweetness and volume to the beaten egg and oil (using olive oil instead of sunflower seed oil).

JP keen to try a slice.
JP keen to try a slice.

I didn’t have sufficient carrots so used zucchini too which works well enough. The coconut flour absorbs liquid at a far greater rate than cake flour does so I will use a third less the next time I make it. The olive oil imparts a flavour to this cake that is not entirely desirable but I’m loathed to use coconut oil instead as it is so costly. I plan to beef up the cinnamon to make it a more pronounced flavour.

While this dish meets many Paleo requirements it is still high in energy and fat because of the coconut flour, olive oil and banana.

Will let you know how the next one turns out but welcome any input if you’ve managed to bake successfully without sugar or grain flour.

Carrot cake without grain flour or sugar.
Carrot cake without grain flour or sugar.

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  • I also love baking, especially for others. Usually I’ll just have a small nibble of whatever I make to be sure it tastes ok, but since we’re eating low carb at home (and have been for a little while) I’ve been holding back on the baking. But the internet is bursting with recipes for yummy things that fit with our eating plan. You’ve inspired me to give it a bash.

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