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Making the change towards a healthier me

One of the most useful things Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Bradley Drake said to me was to think about meal times differently. I now recognise that much of the time that I was eating I was distracted – by watching something on TV, sitting at my desk working, busy with my phone/iPad etc. You know what I’m talking about.

I agreed to make some changes which I have kept to.

1) I only eat while sitting at the table.

2) I have no distractions – no TV, radio, phone, music.

3) I only have one plate of food (I would routinely have seconds and thirds so this is especially hard for me to do.)

4) I plan ahead. Of all the new behaviours  I think that planning my next three meals in advance and either having them ready or having the ingredients I need in the fridge for them, protects me from running out of time when it comes to preparing food and opting for something quick and easy which, more often than not, is also high in energy and not in support of what I want to achieve.

Brian Berkman taken in Hermanus October 2012Now that I’ve reached my goal weight (89.3kg this morning) I feel I can be a little more lenient with my intake. I will continue to avoid carbs (other than the oats porridge for breakfast) but am introducing low-fat Feta from Woolies into my lunch salad) as my dietitian is concerned I’m not having sufficient calcium. I’m now making myself a vinaigrette with 1 TBS olive oil and 1 tsp balsamic instead of the dressing with fat-free yogurt which, frankly, I’m getting tired of.

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