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What I eat.

For the first few months I kept to a tight formula.

One cup of cooked oats porridge made with fat-free milk, a tablespoon of dried cranberries and half a sliced banana for breakfast.

One smoked chicken breast (about 125g) with steamed broccoli (lots of it) and salad greens dressed with fat-free yogurt and a teaspoon of basil pesto or mustard for lunch.

For dinner a chicken breast or grilled tuna fillet or canned tuna with broccoli and salad as before.

No sugar, no wheat, no alcohol, few carbs.

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  • So HAPPY for you! And glad you chose to go the holistic route and skipped the surgery 🙂
    Congrats and Mazal Tov! Now you’ve got a healthy, happy future to look foward to – yay!

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