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Free Type2 info session in Bellville

28 May

Approximately three-and-a-half million South Africans suffer from diabetes. The majority of people in South Africa have Type 2 diabetes with many cases being undiagnosed because there are very few symptoms initially. An unhealthy lifestyle such as poor food choices and obesity contributes to the cause and progression of type 2 diabetes.

The route to a population with pre-diabetes and diabetic complications is a short one.

On Thursday, June 19 between 6pm and 7pm at M-Kem 24-Hour Medicine City in Bellville, there will be a free Type 2 information session with Dr Louise Spruyt and I.

Dr Spruyt has a doctorate from Oxford University in immunology and a Post Graduate Qualification in Diabetes and Diabetes management. I have shed 70kg and now no longer take medication to manage diabetes proving that the disease can be beaten. I supports people to achieve a healthy weight with my Type 2 Revolution.

I will share 10 tips to stick to a restricted eating plan while Dr Spruyt will talk about diabetic warning signs and answer questions.

There is no charge for the session but booking via is essential as places are limited to 30.









Eating #LCHF while travelling The Garden Route.

27 May

We’ve just returned from 10-days away. My biggest anxiety when I travel is that I won’t be able to keep my weight stable and that it will be difficult for me to make good food choices.

I’m very pleased to report that I remain at 81kg which should help reduce my anxiety about getting fat again, the next time we travel. I’m also amazed that while many places provided special #lchf dishes for me, I was also able to successfully order from a menu and ask for substitutions.

This trip I was able to do things not previously possible: I hiked and climbed the Witsand route in the Robberg Reserve; went zip-lining over the Kleins River; did the full heritage tour of The Cango Caves and, enjoyed being active and exploring our beautiful environment. Oh, and I’m getting really comfortable on horseback.

Happy and anxious to see Banting #LCHF menus more and more

11 May

Here’s hoping that easy access to delicious #LCHF restaurant menus increasingly on offer doesn’t lead to me gaining weight. Even after shedding my heft and maintaining for over a year, I still fear regaining the weight. Is eating #LCHF items at restaurants the slippery slope or will I be able to maintain my hard-won health and lightness?

I’ve started baking again and enjoying eating my cheese cake made without a crust and sweetened only with Xyletol although I fear I am re-educating myself to enjoy the sweet tastes it took me so long to stop craving. I know that I’m addicted to sugar and carb-rich foods so hope that I’m not treading dangerously.

I’ve read a bit about it – many feel that it is okay to use an artificial sweetener like Xyletol while others maintain it is best to avoid anything that even tastes sweet as the body responds “as if” to it. Perhaps there is the opportunity for me to find a balance, even though balance is something I know I’m not good at.

The challenge in maintaining is not to be so strict that I become miserable and unbearable but also not so relaxed that I get fat again. Every day I read about people who shed weight and put it back on. Please help me remain vigilant and focussed.

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