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Lose It! I did.

11 Apr

The first issue of Lose It! Magazine is now available to purchase from Exclusives and Woolies and it is absolutely worth the R50 cover price as it gives you all you need to know to get Banting or, more famously, follow the Prof Tim Noakes diet.

They have also done a feature on me and here is a link to their on-line version.

Lose It! Magazine

Lose It! Magazine

I can eat anything except sugar & carbs and not get fat again.

2 Apr

Although I’ve been at my goal weight for more than a year now, I still think of myself as that fat guy who took up more space. I’m reminded of this when I need to get past people sitting in a restaurant and I think I’m bigger than I am and ask people to push their chairs in so I can get past. Fat blog

I wonder if I will ever be like a cat that knows its whiskers represent the widest part of its body.

Perhaps we all have an inaccurate picture of how we really are. Before getting on the scale this morning I imagined I would be 82Kg (had a greedy past few days) but I was actually 80.6Kg. This prove to me the veracity of the truth that sugar and carbs made me obese and not the fat or the caloric-value in foods.

Pic by Anel van der Merwe at Fairlady.

Pic by Anel van der Merwe at Fairlady.