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Month: August 2013

Upgrade your Life: A talk on Thursday, September 26 at 8pm

Along with Sleek Geek Elan Lohmann and wellness expert, Dr Greg Venning, I will be presenting a talk with tips about how I shed more than 70kg and took my life back. The interactive session, on Thursday, September 26 between 8pm and 10pm at The […]

The 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa hosts PR-Net with Peter Mann

Although just one aspect of public relations practice, media relations or publicity is what most clients want. Meropa Communications head honcho Peter Mann spoke to PR-Net in Cape Town at the fabulous 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa who put on a spread that still has […]

Do what frightens you first for the best chance of growth

I used to be a scaredy-pants but now I look out for opportunities to experience things that I’m frightened of. I think doing that is one of the few ways we can grow. You’ve read about my kayaking in Madagascar experience before but this piece, […]

Steak and tomato cocktail match bloodlust and high-protein dining out

Many people are interested in what eat now that I’ve reached my goal weight and ask if I will ever go back to eating starch, sugar or drink alcohol. I won’t – I’m just too frightened of undoing the good work and, what’s more, I […]

Dine at 21212, Edinburgh for Michelin-starred low carb, zero sugar food

I thought my fine-dining days were over when I decided to give up carbs, sugar and alcohol. Read about my dinner and stay at 21212, the only restaurant and rooms in Edinburgh, Scotland with a Michelin Star here  JP Fluckiger took the photos.  

Listen to how I lost over 70kg on Radio Good Hope FM

The fabulous Ayanda Tini interviewed me about how I changed my lifestyle and my life. The interview is about 15 minutes.