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Buy a gastric band at half-price sales.

23 Jun

Hello from London. There can be no better way to see the coastal cities of The Baltic than by ship and our 12-night cruise with Royal Caribbean delivered everything it promised – and more.
In time I will post links to the travel articles arising from the cruise but now just a few words, and pictures, about how I managed to maintain my low-carb, high protein diet while on board.

It was harder than I imagined it would be to limit my eating. Despite there being many suitable options after a few days into the cruise I simply couldn’t resist any longer – I felt worn down by the variety and quantity of food available that fitted my diet perfectly.

The good news is that I managed to avoid my poisons: starch, sugar, alcohol. The bad news is that I had, at times, double or triple helpings of meats and vegetables.

In the dining room I would end my meal with a Caesar salad, (no croutons) but one day asked the waiter for fresh pear and Stilton cheese. Every Royal Caribbean staff member tries to wow you with their service and Renold did my delivering pear and Stilton to my table every night in addition to everything else. This is just a tiny example but it illustrates how strong one must be to stick rigidly to an eating plan.

I managed the situation by using the gym everyday and by using a temporary gastric-band – size 32 pants which reminded me that my tummy was full.
With every shop in London and Europe on half-price summer sale I plan to fill my wardrobe with voluntary gastric bands – and if I end up looking like a stuffed turkey because my trousers are too tight at least I won’t forget to stop eating.



To the high seas

4 Jun

It was a year ago that my mother died. I was in the middle of my weight-loss phase and one of the last things my mom said to me, in a rare moment of lucidity in her last days, was how good I looked.

When things have become tough during previous diets I have always lied to myself that I’d get back on the waggon later – when life is less challenging. This time last year I decided that even though things were very tough, I would stick rigidly to my healthy-eating plan and I gave myself the opportunity of proving to myself that even when things are hard, I can still keep the commitments I’ve made.

We leave tomorrow for the rest of the month in Europe. We will be cruising around Scandinavia and Russia with Royal Caribbean on The Brilliance of the Seas and then spending time in London and Edinburgh.

I am a bit anxious about how I will cope eating at the buffet with food-on-tap 27/7 but I think I will manage not to go overboard. I am packing protein bars for the plane trip and will always keep a stash in my daypack so I don’t ever get too hungry. At R15 to the Pound, I plan not to eat out at all in the UK but rather to take along a lunch box with salad and chicken pieces from the supermarket.

I’ll send you a postcard when we arrive.