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Month: September 2012

Why I eat healthily and stick to my eating plan

Why I eat healthily and stick to my eating plan

One of the most useful things that Cognitive Therapist Bradley Drake suggested was to list the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight. I revisit the list regularly and suggest you create one too if you are on the journey. Why I eat healthily and stick […]

What I eat.

For the first few months I kept to a tight formula. One cup of cooked oats porridge made with fat-free milk, a tablespoon of dried cranberries and half a sliced banana for breakfast. One smoked chicken breast (about 125g) with steamed broccoli (lots of it) […]

153kg July 2011

My journey began with the fear that my diabetes and high-blood pressure would kill me. I weighed more than ever before and was in almost constant pain from a tight lower back that would hurt so much when I tried to turn around in bed […]