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Pringle Bay to travel to and stay.

My love affair with Pringle Bay has grown the longer I’ve lived here but I rarely have the opportunity to write about it. If you have the time to pour yourself something delicious to drink or, better yet, put on your bathing suit, please join […]

Join us on our trip around The Cape Horn

Grab a copy of SLOW issue 42 next time you’re in the British Airways lounge and join me on our trip around The Cape Horn or click this link to read online:

Seduced by a higher level of grace

Click here to read the on-line version as published in Business Day newspaper.   By BRIAN BERKMAN The Chao Phraya snakes through Bangkok like an arterial vein bringing sustenance to the city. Any doubt that this is the river of kings is pressed from the […]

My article in Business Day about new elite travel agency

Franschhoek’s Susan Huxter helped put that town on the map and now, with her new Cartology Travel business, is mapping the globe. Read the interview I wrote for Business Day newspaper, here.

Happily bogged down and at sea exploring Argentina.

Please click here to read about our trekking in the bogs of Argentina. First published in Business Day Newspaper

Blue Train draws foreign plaudits

Blue Train draws foreign plaudits

Please click here to read my article about our visit on The Blue Train, printed in Business Day newspaper on March 17, 2017.