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Buy a gastric band at half-price sales.

Hello from London. There can be no better way to see the coastal cities of The Baltic than by ship and our 12-night cruise with Royal Caribbean delivered everything it promised – and more. In time I will post links to the travel articles arising […]

Perfect food – fuel and delicious

JP cooks salmon and broccoli better than most restaurants. He sears it both sides in a very hot pan with a bit of butter and olive oil and then cooks it skin-side down for four minutes with a lid on, seasoned with lashings of Ina […]

Next challenge – Kayaking in Madagascar

Had fate not intervened, one year ago today I would have had bariatric, weight-loss surgery making a tiny pouch of my stomach and re-routing my intestine. I want to honour myself for having made the transition from being morbidly obese to reaching a healthy weight […]

The power of self belief

I made a small video of myself after climbing to the top of the Kogelberg for the first time. Tonight I will climb to the top of Lion’s Head for the first time. 

Being A South African Male

Being SAM, a website decided to South African men so that we can live longer, healthier, more fulfilled lives did a great interview with me. You can read it by following this link. See